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Trustful partnership and industrial co-operation

Creating mutual business opportunities

In April 2016 the Norwegian Ministry of Defence selected our company as one of two possible candidates for the new submarine procurement project. In their press release, the Norwegian Government emphasized the role of the Norwegian industry in this program and concluded:

"(...) Norwegian industry is world leading in key technology areas for submarines, and the Norwegian Government will seek to utilize the planned submarine procurement to help strengthen their market access. Export and international cooperation is necessary to maintain a viable national defence industry, and an investment in submarines will be used actively in talks with international partners to help ensure the continued development of a competent and competitive Norwegian defence industry. The Norwegian Parliament expects that a potential future procurement will ensure contracts for Norwegian defence industry equal to the procurement cost, and that these contracts will provide access to the home market of the chosen supplier."

This is a very familiar challenge for thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. We have demonstrated successful implementation and processing of industrial co-operation and Transfer of Technology (ToT) in twelve countries and twenty programs up to date, including the successful ULA Class Submarine Project.

So a considerable part of the tender process will focus on the fulfillment of the Norwegian "Regulation on Industrial Co-operation". These rules aim to develop an innovative domestic defense industry with far-reaching access to international markets. In return, our proposal will provide a comprehensive and well-balanced package that includes:

  • Submarines
  • Industrial co-operation
  • Integrated logistical support
  • Training and simulations
  • Transfer of Technology
  • Infrastructure measures

With our impressive track record, we have gained extensive experience in delivering non-nuclear submarine capability to 20 navies while maximizing domestic industry involvement in these projects.

Joining forces with Norwegian industry

Right from the beginning of the project we have followed a clear strategy to involve Norwegian industry as much as possible. The implementation of our Norwegian industry plan and project organization will lead to well-grounded industry initiatives. This will provide Norwegian companies with the resources, skills and training relevant to the submarine program and its operations througout its lifespan. We will, for example, share advanced manufacturing techniques through the Transfer of Technology with the broader aim of further enhancing Norwegian industry capabilities.

Additionally our program will create global business opportunities for involved Norwegian enterprises.

Beside direct involvement in the submarine design and construction, the current guidelines put into the spotlight indirect industrial co-operation that is not directly related to the submarines themselves. A forerunning project for the collaboration between Norwegian companies and thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is the already existing IDAS system (Interactive Defence and Attack System for Submarines). NAMMO is our partner for the delivery of the rocket motor for this new missile system.

The plans with Kongsberg Defence Systems are even more advanced. We are in very positive discussions to intensify our successful partnership. We have idetified huge potential for Kongsberg Defence Systems' products such as combat management systems and missiles (e.g. the Naval Strike Missile) for German platforms such as frigates or submarines.

And for sure, we are closely following up many other military projects. So far we have identified over 250 companies in Norway which may contribute to the project, and we are already in active dialogue with a large number of them. Mutual visits have taken place and in addition to our existent supplier base, we have identified highly qualified Norwegian companies ready to achieve an increased work share for their domestic submarines and beyond. Any other Norwegian company that has not been in contact with thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is welcome to register online and start the qualification process under the following link:

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