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In-service support

We support our submarine family!

Two of the most striking characteristics of modern submarines are their high technological complexity and their long service life. These characteristics call for an industrial partnerwhich supports operational availability throughout the entire lifespan of the submarine,which is essential for the navy's continuous use of this important fleet asset.

To achieve this aim, the implementation of an efficient In-Service Support (ISS) program is vital. The basis for such a program is long term know-how and the availability of technical documentation and data. With our proven record of more than 60 years in the development, building and service of non-nuclear boats, we offer unrivaled experience. The continuation of our partnership with Norway will allow the Royal Norwegian Navy to remain a member of a steadily growing submarine family – our silent fleet.

We are the major supplier and service partner of non-nuclear submarine for navies of NATO and Western Europe and since 1960 we have delivered more than 160 submarines worldwide – a success story that was written thanks to a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Our state-of-the-art HDW Class 212A and 214 fuel cell submarines, along with similar vessel types, have already been delivered to some of the world's most respected navies.

Joining this family means gaining extensive synergies.

You do not have to worry about the operational availability of your naval assets, because we will.
And we guarantee competitive prices.

Our family is your benefit

The large number of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems' submarine assets operated by NATO allies creates a number of substantial benefits, based on the high degree of commonality inherent in identical or very similar systems, equipment and components. With thyssenkrupp as a reliable and experienced partner for new submarines, Norway can profit from a range of existing smart defense features, based on the idea of pooling and sharing. These include:

  • Spares
  • Training assets
  • Hardware such as jigs and tools
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Common supply agreements.

Naturally, once equipment gradually becomes obsolete, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems can offer future-oriented solutions based on its continuous research and development efforts, which provides for a high level of exchangeability between the subject submarine family members.

German-designed ULA Class submarine with ISS provided by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems.

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