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The world’s leading supplier of non-nuclear submarines

Experience counts

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is one of the world's leading naval system providers. Our submarines, naval surface vessels and maritime defense equipment are known for their superior technological excellence, reliability and longevity.

Beyond that, we supply prime expertise and reliable services troughout the entire operational lifetime of our submarines and naval vessels. We lead the naval world in non-nuclear submarines with our HDW Class 209, 212A and 214 submarines.

With over 100 years of submarine experience and cutting-edge technologies (including mission-proven, fuel cell based air-independent propulsion), we have provided highly capable, stealthy submarines to over 20 customer navies operating in all the world's oceans.

Six NATO nations rely on German designed submarines for their navies.

And of course, our experience is not limited to technological and developmental aspects, but more importantly it is based upon our long-lasting co-operation with navies, procurement offices and industrial partners all over the world.

Experience counts.

In co-operation with the German Navy

The co-operation with the German Navy is the cornerstone of our success. Since the early 1960s, its changing operational requirements have not only led to the procurement and construction of highly capable submarines, but also to a continuous joint development process for new submarine systems. Innovations have regularly been tested on operational boats, thus ensuring the most mature technology in the world.

And one thing is for sure: The German Navy is convinced by the performance of non-nuclear submarines and has successfully operated this technology for over a century. Our expertise spans littoral and deep sea waters, working with partner navies all over the world.

Key technology for key players

In a strategy paper dated July 2015, the German Federal Government defined non-nuclear submarine technology as one of thel key national defense industrial technologies to be supported within the frame of German economic, foreign and security policy. Thanks to the impact of non-nuclear submarines in modern defense scenarios, this strategy paper has given visible political backing to our product portfolio and positioned thyssenkrupp Marine Systems as the long-term partner for this future-oriented technology.

Germany has experience in the joint development of submarines with international partners. And in the co-operating for In-Service Support. The best example is the HDW Class 212A Submarine, which has been built in Germany in two batches of four and two boats, as well as under license in Italy (four units). Successful European defense co-operation is one of the first steps towards smart defense.


  • Long-term experience in international co-operation in submarine projects.
  • Backing by the German Federal Government who defined "non-nuclear submarine technology" as a key element of their economic, foreign and security policy.
  • First hand operational feedback from the German Navy.

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