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Proven solutions for Norway

Submarines in modern defense scenarios

No other naval asset can match deterrent potential of the submarine, and its ability to effectively commit a large number of opposing forces. Submarines continue to be an indispensable element of serious naval power due to such unique features as

  • Stealth
  • Endurance
  • High combat strength
  • High survivability
  • High degree of operational flexibility
  • Universal deployment capability
  • Extremely high cost-effectiveness.

Super-silent, long endurance submarines made in Germany

As invaluable national and naval assets, our HDW Class submarines are robust, invisible, undetectable and unpredictable. They have proven to be the ideal solution for modern navies and are in operational service in more than 20 navies worldwide. Fitted with mission-proven fuel cell and diesel-electric propulsion systems, these boats are the manifestation of superior availability, reliability and low life cycle costs. The performance data posted by our submarines truly excels, especially when it comes to stealth characteristics, range and assertiveness. They are versatile, compact and extremely manoeuvrable. And they operate worldwide, in littoral and blue waters, in shallow and deep seas, and in areas which prove to be inaccessible for other naval forces. We offer: proven solutions for Norway. Unseen on scene.

Avoiding signatures means avoiding detection

Thanks to more than 60 years of intense experience and partnership with more than 20 navies we have the skills to develop and build the most capable and stealthiest, non-nuclear submarines in the world. This is why our customers have set operational standards with the performance of their HDW Class submarines. In mission scenarios all around the world.

The HDW Class 212A is in operation with the German and Italian Navy. Its unique features are a non-magnetic pressure hull and mission proven HDW Fuel Cell AIP system.

Unique solutions for the power of silence

Magnetics have increasingly shifted into the focus of anti-submarine warfare. More and more naval surface vessels and their new sensors detect even deeply submerged submarines based on their magnetic signatures. Thanks to our co-operation with the German Navy, we are the only naval systems house that is in the position to counter this threat. With the worldwide unique non-magnetic design of our HDW Class 212A submarines, we have achieved a nearly perfect degree of stealth when it comes to magnetics. Both the German Navy and the Italian Navy rely on this advantage and have already placed repeat orders for non-magnetic boats.

And they have one further trump card in order to truly remain hidden underwater. This trump is the mission proven HDW Fuel Cell System which has an unmatched degree of maturity and efficiency compared to all other AIP systems available on the market. It allows for extended submerged endurance of up to several weeks without the need to surface the boat. And since the energy conversion in the fuel cell takes place in an electrochemical process, no moving parts are involved. A big advantage when it comes to avoiding noise that might be tracked by an opponent.

Naturally the development of such an advanced system has taken its time. Since its inception in the 1980s, continuous improvement has taken place. This was only possible thanks to the eight navies that ordered our fuel cell submarines for their flotillas. Several of them also placed repeat orders, a clear sign of their satisfaction with the boats designed in Germany.

Originally developed for operation in littoral waters, our fuel cell submarines are now proven to be capable of operating in any condition and maritime surrounding.

Today, our HDW Fuel Cell System is available for several types of boats: The HDW Class 212A, Class 214, Dolphin AIP and Class 216 submarines. It's an unmatched success story!

Highlights of our AIP systems

  • Silent and undetectable thanks to the only mission-proven AIP system based on fuel cell technology
  • High technological maturity of our AIP system
  • Optimized and balanced AIP solution for the size of submarine requested by the Royal Norwegian Navy
  • Proven global supply chain for the reactants required for the operation of the HDW Fuel Cell System (hydrogen and oxygen)

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